I am a software professional with over 10 years of experience in consulting, leading and managing teams. I believe that technology ought to support business needs and shouldn't be built for its own sake.

Before going independent I was a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks, a partner and executive at Relevance (now part of Cognitect) and a director at LivingSocial. I now consult with companies that rely on software. I take special pride in helping software consulting firms improve their operations and software delivery.

I have worked with small companies to Fortune 20s in online retail, healthcare and financial services, automotive auctions, online learning, universities, and not-for-profit sectors. I helped grow Relevance from a small consulting firm (I was employee number five)  to a team of 30+ including developers, architects, designers and project managers supplemented by contractors executing several projects at a time.

No, I am not the northernmost   castle   in the British Isles. I do like being its namesake though. ;)

No, I am not the northernmost castle in the British Isles. I do like being its namesake though. ;)

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