I help you get where you want to go

Every team needs different things to achieve more of its potential. I have helped teams through these kinds of projects:

  • Working with software professional services firms to overhaul their organizational, accounting, financial projections, resource allocation, sales operations, estimation, delivery oversight and/or agile processes and tools.
  • Through project management and technical leadership of projects deliver high impact software or technical operations projects to increase revenue or cut costs.
  • Mentoring executives and managers on leadership and management skills.


Operations consulting

I work with you to assess the state of your team from an operational perspective. Together we identify suitable long term goals and short term steps to move in that direction. I help you identify and track metrics in dashboards.

Resource allocation and reporting

I've put in place and improved resource allocation systems that not only allocate the right people to the projects but also report on per project costs, per team capacity and overall utilization rates.

Project management

I specialize in managing projects that cross teams and organizations. I work with the teams to ensure that we're all driving for the success of the project as a whole instead of focusing on each teams' deliverables.


I work with teams to improve the implementation of process and technical practices. I've coached teams on improving processes such as story card standards, standups and retrospectives and in putting together CI, TDD and automated deployments.

I've also coached C-level execs and senior managers on getting a better handle on their operations, metrics and be better managers and leaders.

If any of this is the sort of thing you're looking for, get in touch.