Muness is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever worked with. He doesn't take, "that's just the way you do things" statements at face-value. He asks why, not just to be challenging... but to really understand why. This curiosity is infectious and really lends to innovation in the systems we are building and the processes we use in building them.

Muness is a great mentor. He is challenging, in a way that inspires personal growth. He is supportive of colleagues on their journey through personal growth. When someone is asking for feedback, he pushes people to be specific in their asking and giving. Muness will not only make sure that you are doing what you believe you should be, he will help remove obstacles on your path and continuously check-in to see how you are doing. I have learned so much from Muness in the ways of support and being a mentor. I have grown personally and professionally as a direct result of working with him.

Michael Parenteau, Creative Director at Cognitect

Muness helped me think through, and advised me on, technical and personal development matters.

I was very impressed with his project management skills, focus and grit, picking up very difficult, cross-departmental projects, and seeing them through to a successful end, where others had failed or lost interest.

Tim Schmelmer, LivingSocial platform services

I frequently worked with Muness on larger initiatives cutting across multiple teams. Muness excelled at coordinating between all the teams and making sure each task was moving forward and handled.

As well as keeping everyone calm and focused when working through fire drills, Muness was always a pleasure to work with and brought many large scale initiatives through to completion.

Dan Mayer, LivingSocial deals site lead

I was introduced to Muness as a developer, but I came to know him as a dependable teammate willing to fill any role: from sales to IT to accounting to management and everything in between. To each role, Muness brought a strong focus on effectiveness, improvement, and honest communication.

Jason Rudolph, GitHub API team